Robyn Henry:

Jessica Morris Health has literally been a live saver for me! I developed hypothyroidism a few years ago, and although happy with knowing what was causing my severe weight gain and intense fatigue, I was also very frustrated with the idea of having to rely on medication for the rest of my life. There had to be a more holistic solution - I knew it was possible - and JMH was exactly the help, educated guidance and support that I needed. Jessica Morris eagerly took on my case, and made it her personal goal to find a way to get my thyroid back to a balanced state. With a new supplement plan, and advice on which foods to increase and eliminate from my diet, Jessica also made sure to follow-up with me on a weekly basis to see how I was feeling, mentally, emotionally and physically. It was her vast knowledge, commitment and encouragement that got me through the hardest times in these last few years, and it was her positive attitude and genuine dedication to my health, that easily had me dialing her number on the day I found out my thyroid had returned to a healthier level - it was the best news I could have asked for, and I owe it all to JMH!