How Self Care Can Help Others


In a world where many of us take others' needs/wants ahead of our own, it is easy to forget about ourselves. I have learned over the years that no matter how much of the day I spend passionately helping others with their health goals, I must always make time to do a little something for myself, to remain balanced. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same.

Being 'selfish' in this sense, isn't negative. I tell my friends/family/clients that YOU are your #1 priority. If you aren't happy with yourself (mentally/physically/spiritually), it will be extremely challenging to make anyone around you happy, let alone help them.

Take time to meditate on the things that make YOU happy, and take care of yourself! Your wealth is your health.

The top 10 things I (shamelessly) enjoy doing for myself are:

1. Take time to train
2. Light candles in my apartment and lay on my couch and relax while listening to health audiobooks/podcasts
3. Read a good book in bed on in the park/at the cottage
4. Get a good, deep tissue massage
5. Treat myself to a healthy yet indulgent meal
6. Go for a long bike ride along the water
7. Develop healthy recipes
8. Foam roll/Epsom salt baths (winter)
9. Get my hair/nails done
10. Reward myself with new gym clothes when I feel that I earned it!

What do you do for yourself?

xo Jessica